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Travelling independently in China can be one of the greatest experiences in a lifetime. Few countries in the world offer the opportunity to traverse such varied landscapes, ranging from the world's highest mountains to the lowest desert basins, from subtropical bamboo forests to vast open steppes. In China, you can stumble across seemingly isolated historical towns, jealously guarding their ancient traditions, separated by just a few kilometres from the brash modernity of a bustling mega-metropolis. Food lovers will have the chance to savour the fabulous Chinese cuisine, ranging from exquisite Cantonese dishes to the fiery fare of Sichuan. They can fill up on hand-pulled Muslim noodles, or relish the exotic flavours of the Dai minority dishes in Yunnan. Above all, China offers the opportunity to meet a huge diversity of peoples, as the country is made up of over 50 different ethnic groups. Some of the best memories of your journey will undoubtedly come from your encounters with the local people, such as the camaraderie that grows among the passengers sharing a compartment during a 24-hour train ride, or when sharing a simple meal in a small family- run restaurant with your fellow bus-travellers.

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