Bàn tú ér fèi 半途而废: To Leave Something Unfinished

Bàn tú ér fèi,半途而废.

It means to leave something unfinished.

This Chinese idiom somewhat sums up my recent work on the blog. I’ve written a lot of new texts and I’ve selected a lot of photos to go with them. However, I haven’t been able to put them together. Hopefully in the next few weeks they all will be finished.

In the meantime enjoy this very apt idiom (成语 Chengyŭ): Bàn tú ér fèi半途而废

Coming up (when finished):

Yushu town (Qinghai Province)

The Yangtse River 1991 & 2009 compared. A day to day account of how it was sailing from Shanghai to Chongqing in 1991. And our more recent adventure last year from Chongqing to Yichang.

Chongqing : The City

Book review: Beijing Coma by Ma Jian

Zhaozhou Bridge, Hebei Province,  old text re-done.

Yushu to Manigango via Serxu

Jiuhuashan 2001

and more ………..

2 Responses to “Bàn tú ér fèi 半途而废: To Leave Something Unfinished”

  1. Your blog is fantastic and I absolutely love it. Will you have anything on Taiyuan and Hohot Inner Mongolia?

  2. Hi Yoli
    I was in Taiyuan in 2001 when we visited Pingyao, Wutaishan and Datong. Most practical information we have is probably quite dated.
    I will probably put some material up from that trip but more as ‘how it was then’ from our diary.

    I’ve never been to Hohot.


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