Zhenyuan and the Wuyang River


The pretty and interesting town of Zhenyuan lies in the far east of Guizhou, not too far from the Hunanese border and can be easily reached by train from the railhead town of Huaihua in that province, or by bus from Kaili and Taijiang in Guizhou. Apart from being pretty, Zhenyuan is close to some remarkable scenery and is also home to many of Guizhou’s Miao minority, even though in town very few people wear traditional costume and are mostly indistinguishable from the Han majority.

For the traveller it is worth spending a few days in Zhenyuan to soak up the relaxed small town atmosphere, unwind in a riverside teahouse, snoop around the ancient back alleys, and visit….

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Author: Adam

My name is Adam. I have a degree in Chinese History from SOAS and a masters in International Politics focused on China from the same university. I have travelled around China 9 times and since 2000 I have travelled every year for two months. I guess I kind of like the place!

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