About us: Adam & Margie

My Background

My name is Adam. I have a degree in Chinese History from SOAS (The London school of Oriental and  African Studies), and a Masters in International Politics focused on Chinese Foreign Policy from the same university.

Adam in Chong’an Market, Guizhou, 2005


I began studying Chinese at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas in Madrid in 1994 with Profesor (esp) Li. At SOAS, I continued with my Chinese languages with the renowned professor Ping-cheng T’ung. In the evenings, I went to evening classes at the University of Westmminster and had extra classes with the wonderful teacher Lillian Chen.

Adam in Kanding 2004

I received a scholarship from the Taiwan 台湾to study one summer at the Political University政治大学(政大” ) in Taipéi臺北市 Táiběi Shì台北.

I’ve travelled around China 16 times. The first time was for 6 months in 1990/1991 and since 2000 I’ve travelled almost every year for two months (See maps). My travelling companion and collaborator is Margie. Danny is our invaluable help with any technical difficulties with  Holachina.com.

Margie and Adam in The Dalian Seafood Restaurant Beijing 2009


As for China, I guess we kind of like the place!


I am Margie, Adam’s wife and travelling Companion. Like Adam, I share his interest in China and share his curiosity to explore all parts of this fascinating country.

Margie in a Beijing Hutong 2007
Margie in Kanding 2004

Adam & Margie in Beijing 2007

8 thoughts on “About us: Adam & Margie”

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  2. Hello Adam,

    My name is Camilo, from Chile. Since childhood I have been fascinated with Chinese culture and art, but in my country it was hard at that time to find serious expressions of it, so couldn’t learn so much. Only many movies and some books.

    The last two years I have been in Asia traveling and learning and practicing philosophy, particularly Budhism, Hinduism (Yoga) and Taoism, taking different courses. Due to my interest for Taoism and Chan Buddhism, I am planning now to go to China so I can learn and practice it from the source. I found your website and, due all your experience, thought that maybe you have some information that could help me?

    I am trying to find a monastery/institute/wise-old master-living-in-the-mountains-, where I can stay for long term (maybe one year or eventually more), so I can really get in touch with the teachings, the practice, the culture and learn Chinese. I am interested in Chan Buddhism and in the inner part of Taoism (Tai chi, Qi Gong, Inner Alchemy and the philosophical, spiritual and ritualistic aspects). I love to study and see the similitudes between Budhism, Taoism and Yoga and how you can combine them to develop the mind and your spiritual life. This is what I have been doing the last year.

    Do you have information about any institute/monastery or teacher in China where I could stay for long term and learn with this approach? I would love to find a place where learning and practicing both, Chan Buddhism and Taoism, although if that doesn’t exist, just a Taoist place is my second alternative.

    It has been really hard to find and it looks like you know a lot about this. I really appreciate any information you can give me!


  3. Hi Camilo
    Thank you for your message. I am more of a Chinese history buff. I have visited many holy mountains and temples in China, both Buddhist and Taoist. However, my interest in China is more historical rather than spiritual so I can’t really give you a clear recommendation. A few years ago I would have recommended Wudang Shan in Hubei Province.
    But it has become very touristy and I don’t know what the retreats are like now. Someone posted a place to study at Wudang Shan at the bottom of my article. I think it will be more for gongfu 功夫.
    I found this place in Fujian that sounds quite interesting.
    I am going to speak to a Spanish friend of mine who lived a long time in China and who is very interested in Chinese religions. If he can give me any further information I will pass it on.
    (Update) My friend has mentioned trying some places in Taiwan that might be more spiritual and more to what you are looking for.

  4. Dear Margie and Adam,

    I’ve come across your website by searching for the singer named Weng Qianyu. I am really amazed by how much enthusiasm you have in this wonderful country. I seldom leave comments about any articles or websites on the Internet, but your website and its content is just extraordinary, so truthful and sincere.

    Thank you for the great website with nice photos and detailed documentations about your experiences.

    Best regards,

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