Ciqikou Ancient Town (Around Chongqing)

Ciqikou Ancient Town

One of the easiest places you can get to from Chongqing is Ciqikou, a traditional village of late-Ming dynasty houses, set on the shores of the Jialing River, about 10 kms from downtown Chongqing.

As we approach Ciqikou, and comment excitedly on the many traditional dark wood and white plaster houses we can see, our taxi driver shrugs his shoulders and says: “Still so many old houses, but what can you do?”.

Beautiful Old House-For-Demolition

When Adam tells him there are a lot of old houses in London too, he asks incredulously: “Why? Is London not developed then?”
Ciqikou’s main drag promises to be the usual Continue reading “Ciqikou Ancient Town (Around Chongqing)”