Climbing Wudang Shan

Wudang Shan 武当山

Text by Margie.  Photos include some of the best murals from Wudang Shan taken with the permission of the monks and nuns.
Climbing Wudang Shan

Climbing Wudang Shan should be on veryone’s bucket list if you are travelling the backwaters of China’s hinterland. This revered Taoist mountain, birthplace of Taichi and Unesco Heritage Site is more or less equidistant from Yichang and Wuhan. This is why, after disembarking from our Yangzi cruise in Yichang, we decided to make our way to the mountain from there.

Climbing Wudang Shan

Getting there

An early-morning bus from Yichang’s modern bus station takes us to Wudang town in about five-and-a-half hours, lunch stop included. We are amazed by the brand-new and virtually deserted motorways on which we are travelling, through a pretty landscape of green fields, with a backdrop of distant mountains. Apart from the Continue reading “Climbing Wudang Shan”