Matang Gejia Minority Village

Hurry Up! Matang Village


Matang Gejia Minority Village

Matang Gejia Minority Village is a leisurely two kilometre stroll from the turn off from the main road that leads to the lively, friendly and prosperous town of Kaili 凯里市 Guizhou Province .

Gejia Ladies returning home to Matang

On the way you’ll pass plenty of colourfully dressed Gejia ladies working in the fields, or dangling live chickens over their shoulders on their way back from the market.

Gejia  Women from Matang Guizhou China
Gerjia Matang

The Gejia, a sub group of the Miao nationality

The Gejia, a sub group of the Miao nationality, wear distinctive clothes and are renowned for their batiks. Especially striking are the women’s multi-coloured striped hats, as well as their elaborately embroidered aprons.

Matang Gejia Minority Village

At first sight Matang looks like any other minority village in the Kaili area. Large wooden houses ramble up and over a hill, green rice fields and terraces surround the houses on all sides.

Gejia House Matang

It’s only as you approach the entrance that you notice something different about the place.

Gejia Trninket seller Matang

We weren’t the first foreigners to visit

First of all, you quickly realise that you are not the first tourist to pass by, as you are greeted by a scrum of ladies trying to flog you anything from batik cloth, local lace and embroidery to ethnic silver jewellery.

Laughing Gejia Girl Matang

The negotiating is pretty good- humoured and you are soon left alone, once you make it clear you aren’t buying anything. The second thing you note is that Matang has been earmarked for special development.

Gerjia Lady

Matang Gejia Minority Village: A Model Village

In Matang you won’t find the usual broken and scruffy paths, found in most Guizhou villages. In this model village you will come across well- laid cobbled paths with neat concrete gutters running alongside and little night-lights built in.

Matang Village

The houses, like the streets, show a cleanliness and order unusual in minority villages, as well as obvious signs of prosperity, such as TV aerials and satellite dishes.

Matang Gejia Minority Village

The Gejia seemed friendly and pretty unfazed by a couple of foreign devils strolling around and poking their curious noses into homes.

Witing for the French tourists in Matang

Bedlam only ensued with the arrival of a French tour group that found itself besieged by souvenir sellers on the brand-new and partly covered village square.

Matang Gejia Minority Village
Matang Gejia Minority Village

In the commotion, we slipped away  behind the village, where numerous paths wind their way into the pretty countryside, offering good hiking opportunities.

Beautiful Bucolic Landscape Matang

Chinese Bullfighting

The day we visited Matang was a big day for the village. It was the culmination of the five-day annual bullfighting festival, an event held to commemorate the day that rebel leader Zhang Xiumei. He met his end at the hands of the Imperial troops in August 1873.

Going to the Bull Fighting Matang

Luckily, bullfighting in China isn’t as bloody as in Spain. Basically, two buffalo are incited to fight each other by crashing their heads together, until one decides he has had enough and runs away.

Going to the Bull fight Matang

Getting there

There are loads of daily buses from Kaili that pass the turn off for Matang so getting there and back in a day is very easy. The village can be explored in an hour, but as I mentioned above, hiking opportunities abound in every direction.

Matang Just been shopping

Kaili has excellent accommodation and food.