Yinchuan & Gunzhongkou / 银川与滚钟口

Gunzhongkou (滚钟口)

Sunflowers at Gunzhongkou


Our next stop is the historic pass village of Gunzhongkou, at the foot of the rough and rugged Helan Shan mountains (贺兰山) which dominate the area around Yinchuan, forming a formidable and protective barrier between the city and the barren wastelands of the Gobi Desert in Inner Mongolia.

Helan Shan near Gunzhongkou

Not so much a village, though there is a temple and a hand-full of houses, Gunzhongkou is a scenic area in which you can take walks (along marked trails) to pavilions and Continue reading “Yinchuan & Gunzhongkou / 银川与滚钟口”