Mae Salong: a slice of Yunnan in Thailand

Mae Salong: a slice of Yunnan in Thailand

Akha Lady in Mae Salong

The Golden Triangle: opium, the warlord Khun Sa and secret Chinese armies fighting to retake China from the Communists in the steamy jungle- clad mountains of Northern Thailand, Burma and Laos.

Khun Sa

This was the stuff that fed my imagination when, as a 14 or 15 year old boy, I poured over the Foreign pages of the Guardian newspaper.  Teeming waterfalls, misty valleys, exotic hill tribes, and drug laden mule caravans leapt out of the pages I was reading. It was my imagined visions of this land that led me to visit Mae Salong on my way to China along the Mekong River in 2008. So, it was something of a mild disappointment at first when I jumped off the Songthaew (a Thai type of pickup truck), to find how gentile and quaint it all was. Not quite the rough and ready place I was expecting, and nothing like the unruly Mae La-Na I had visited more than 20 years earlier. However, it didn’t take long to get into the swing of small town Thailand and its unique Chinese association.

Scenery around Mae Salong

Rising and falling along the crests of several hills  and set amid undulating mountains, tea plantations, Chinese- style houses and villages populated by a plethora of ethnic hill tribes, Mae Salong is a lovely place to spend a day or two, getting away from the busy world and Thailand’s mass tourism. These days, this little mountain hideaway and tea- lovers’ paradise is a curious blend of Thai and Chinese, flavoured with a distinct aroma of Indian hill station.

Mae Salong hill- top temple

The area wasn’t always this peaceful, though. It was once known as Continue reading “Mae Salong: a slice of Yunnan in Thailand”