Photo Videos

Below are a collection of photo videos from different areas of China. We made the videos using Windows Movie Maker. They show these places as they were when we visited them.

7 Kashgar 1990/2002 What Was and is No More

6 Hotan – Khotan Xinjiang Province 2002

Homage to Hotan

5 Chinese Hell

Scenes of the Chinese and Tibetan Buddhist Hell from temples all over China and Tibet

4 Laomeng Market Yunnan Province 2006

Five Ethnic Minorites One Market

Yao – Miao – Black Thai – Hani – Yi

3 Long Horn Miao Guizhou Province 2007

The Long Horn Miao near Suoga Village In Guizhou Province

2 Langde Shan Guizhou Province 2007

Miao Village of Langde Shan Guizhou

1 Danba Sichuan Province 2004

Danba Festival 2004



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