China’s Most Beautiful City Zhaoqing 肇庆

While the rapid modernization of China’s cities has made many of them very same same. Zhaoqing in Guangdong stands out.

Seven Star Crags in the middle of Zhaoqing 肇庆. The land of king kong
The land of King Kong in the heart of Zhaoqing

China’s Most Beautiful City Zhaoqing 肇庆 is possibly one place in China where I could quite comfortable live. It has almost everythng one wants from a city.

Zhaoqing is quite a surprising city for these parts of China. Not only does it have an interesting old town, but it also has the most incredible landscape right in the heart of the city. Here are a few photos to intice you to read the whole article.

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Amazing trees in Zhaoqing china's most beautiful city 肇庆
Amazing trees in Zhaoqing
Sanpan in Zhaoqing china`s most beautiful city 肇庆
China’s Most Beautiful City Zhaoqing 肇庆 Sanpan in Zhaoqing

Zhaoqing; The City with Everything

Zhaoqing 肇庆: The City with Everything

Seven Stars Crag Park Zhaoqing
Seven Stars Crag Park Zhaoqing

Zhaoqing; The City with Everything: Within an hour from Guangzhou, Zhaoqing is a fantastic place to spend a few days exploring. It’s a lively city with its own miniature version of Guilin’s famous karst scenery smack- bang in the centre in the form of the Seven Star Crags Scenic Zone; a massive park and lake area.

Zhaoqing Not bad for the city centre
Not bad for the city centre

Moreover, Zhaoqing still preserves some interesting, old downtown areas to wander around and explore the traditional shop-houses, the tiny dwellings built onto the city walls and the occasional riverside pagoda.

Zhaoqing River Scene
Zhaoqing River Scene

Zhaoqing The City with Everything: All is Green

Nearby, China’s first Biosphere Reserve, Dinghushan 鼎湖山, lies on the outskirts of the city. Just an hour away by local bus are the time-forgotten, completely un-spoilt ancient Bagua Villages of Licha Cun and Xianggang Cun. Add to all this a great night market with restaurants spilling out into the street, serving excellent Cantonese food and you couldn’t really ask for more. Incidentally, though the city is popular with Chinese visitors, you are unlikely to see another foreigner during your stay.

Zhaoqing Street Scene
Zhaoqing Street Scene

Seven Star Crags Scenic Zone

In Zhaoqing city, the undisputed main attraction is the Seven Star Crags Scenic Zone, which has been a tourist spot since ancient times. It owes its fame to the Guilin-esque limestone rock formations that shoot out of the huge lakes in the centre of town. There are temples, pavilions and winding paths leading to view points, caves and grottoes all over the park.

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