Zili Village Kaiping 自力村碉楼群 开平: Where Peasant Food is Cool

Zili Village 自力村碉楼群

Guangdong Province 广东省 Kaiping 开平


Zili Village 自力村碉楼群

Zili Village 自力村碉楼群: The setting of Zili’s Diaolou (Click here for a Diaolou definition) is the embodiment of bucolic China. They appear amidst shimmering green rice fields, dotted with hoe- carrying peasants, dressed as they were when the Diaolou were built a century ago, with the odd water buffalo to put the icing on the pastoral cake.

Zili Village 自力村碉楼群

Zili village is more than just its Diaolou. The village boasts a peculiar mixture of sturdy peasant houses with beautiful eave roofs and delightful alleys.

Zili Village 自力村碉楼群

A couple of those houses on the square near Zili Village 自力村碉楼群 entrance have been converted into an interesting folk museum, showing traditional furniture, farming implements, as well as photos and historical records.

Zili Village 自力村碉楼群 Old Alleys

Most of its startling Diaolou lie on the outskirts of the village, as if sprouting out of the rice paddies. To reach them you have to Continue reading “Zili Village Kaiping 自力村碉楼群 开平: Where Peasant Food is Cool”

Li Yuan 立园 / Li Gardens: The Posh Diaolou

Li Yuan 立园  / Li Gardens

Kaiping 开平 Guangdong Province 广东省

Diaolou in the Li Garden

Li Yuan or Li Gardens:   Heading on past Sanmenli from Kaiping, the next important group of Diaolou buildings is in the Li Yuan, or Li Gardens, a further 10 kms down the road. These are the posh Diaolou Click here to see what is a Diaolou

Li Yuan / Li Gardens / 立园

The huge buildings are set in lovely gardens which mix European and Southern Chinese Lingnan style garden designs. (http://www.chinaplanner.com/gardens/privategardens/pri_lian.htm).

Diaolou in the Li Yuan

The Diaolou in the Li Gardens are the most European in the Kaiping region. Many resemble French Villas with only the eave roofs giving away their Chinese essence. They exude wealth and power and wouldn’t be too out of place on the Champs-Élysées (maybe the cheaper end). The interiors of the Li Garden’s Diaolou are luxuriously furnished and gorgeously decorated.

Beautiful Lingnan Gardens

The contrast between the amazing Continue reading “Li Yuan 立园 / Li Gardens: The Posh Diaolou”