Taiwanese 60s Music for the Lockdown: Weng Qianyu (翁倩玉)/ Judy Ongg & Yao Su Yong and the Telstars Combo

Taiwanese 60s music to survive the lockdown in Madrid

Weng Qianyu (翁倩玉) / Judy Ongg

As I sit in front of my computer writing texts and sorting photos during the coronavirus lockdown in Madrid I find myself drifting off to another time and place listening to this gem by Taiwanese 1960s star Weng Qianyu (翁倩玉).

Weng Qianyu (翁倩玉) was a popular actress in the 60s and used the name Judy Ongg in her films.

Yao Su Yong (Rong) and the Telstars Combo

If after listening to the above album, you, like me, crave more: give this album by Yao Su Yong & The Telstars Combo a go. Yao Su Yong seems to have had many stage names. Her real name was Yao Su Rong 姚蘇蓉.

Many of Yao Su Yong’s songs, which are mostly about love and romance, were banned by the Taiwanese government in the late sixties and early seventies for being morally unhealthy for the country’s youth.

How times have changed!