Luocheng Teahouse Town Update

Luocheng 罗城镇 Teahouse Town


Boathouse Architecture: Travel Update

罗城镇 Luocheng teahouses
罗城镇 Luocheng

We’ve just received a travel update on the amazing teahouse village Luocheng 罗城镇  in Sichuan province. Many years ago we had a long and bumpy ride to Luocheng from Leshan. It now seems the trip can be done in around 3 ½ hours by bus directly from Chengdu along a good road. We’ve had a detailed comment from Wayne on our previous post.  The bus timetables are below but click here to read the rest of the comment and more about Luocheng.

Buses to Luocheng leave from Chengdu’s Shiyangchang Bus Station 石羊场汽车客运站 at 8.20 / 9.20 and 12.20 and return to Chengdu at 12.30/ 13.30 and 14.30. Tickets cost 67 Yuan. Bus number 28 goes to Shiyangchang Bus Station from downtown Chengdu.

Margie having tea in Luocheng 罗城镇
Margie having tea in Luocheng 罗城镇

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  1. He Margie, zie dat je weer in China was.
    Deze Kerst zul je wel niet in Wijlre komen….
    Misschien komt het er komend jaar wel van dat ik eindelijk in Madrid kom!?
    Ben je mailadres kwijt, dus probeer het op deze manier.
    Als je dit op tijd leest: fijne Kerstdagen en alvast de beste wensen voor 2015!
    En wie weet zien we ons toch weer het komend jaar.
    Groetjes Ivonne van Breemen-Widdershoven

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