China Travel in Times of Coronavirus

China Travel in Times of Coronavirus. In these times of Coronavirus, travelling around China in the way we used to, has become virtually impossible. Although the situation in China is gradually improving, it’s still far from stable. At any moment, a new outbreak could take everything back to square one and put the country back into lockdown mode. It’s hard to say when we’ll be able to go back and resume our travels. However, that won’t stop us from continuing to post at!

Coming next: Datong: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Datong: the Good; Dragon Screen; Datong

Our next article will be a quick look at China’s coal town, Datong, a rapidly transforming city trying to give itself an image makeover; from soot city to tourist city with varying degrees of aesthetic success.

Datong: the bad, overrun Yungang Cave Grottoes
Datong: the Ugly; the destruction of the old historical old town

The best of Guangzhou: still to come

The great Dimsum Restaurants of Guangzhou

We still have loads of unpublished material, as well as updates and great photos to upload. Maybe this quarantine we are undergoing at the moment in Madrid will enable us to be more productive!

Coming Next / Now Posted

Wuyang River Scenic area near Zhenyuan

舞阳河, Zhenyuan 镇远 Guizhou 贵州:

Now posted

Wuyang River Scenic area near Zhenyuan 舞阳河, Zhenyuan 镇远 Guizhou 贵州:

Coming next is the scenically located

Guizhou town of Zhenyuan镇远 Now Posted

Zhenyuan Guizhou Province

Here’s to virtual travels!

Still to come

Here are a few examples of what we still have to post.

Exquisite Figurines at the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall 陈家 Guangzhou广州
Lingnan Style Gardens Foshan Guangdong
Pingyao from the second of our three visits
Taiyuan Museum

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