Tongren (Repkong) Longwu Si (2004)同仁隆务寺

We visited the Qinghai town of Tongren in 2004. It seems that over the past few years it has become quite a popular destination. The stunning scenery along the road that crosses the wild grasslands from Xiahe in Gansu Province is one of the great journeys in China (and it is only about 5 hours.)

The Monasteries around Tongren are famous for their thangkas (The Tibetan Paintings you see in the Monasteries). This year when we explored the area around Yushu we visted the Trangu Gompa. The new  monastery building had been completely painted by artists from Tongren. The scenes from the Buddhist hell were particularly impressive. We’ll put them up soon. But for now here are some pictures of Buddhist hell from Tongren’s Longwu Monastery.

I must admit I love Buddhist scenes of hell and these ones at Longwu si are among my favourites.

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My name is Adam. I have a degree in Chinese History from SOAS and a masters in International Politics focused on China from the same university. I have travelled around China 9 times and since 2000 I have travelled every year for two months. I guess I kind of like the place!

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