Taijitu YinYang Landscape

A hidden gem you could easily inadvertently miss.

Taijitu太极图: Yunnan Province
Taijitu太极图 near Yunlong 云龙

Taijitu 太极图 YinYang Landscape Yunnan Province

Taijitu YinYang Landscape (Taijitu太极图) near Yunlong 云龙, Yunnan Province, is a freak of nature. It looks remarkably like the famous Taoist Yin-Yang symbol when seen from high above. However, when seen from ground level you would never know it was there.

Taijitu太极图: Yunnan Province
Taijitu太极图 near Yunlong 云龙

The climb up to the view point is made along a steep winding road. If you can find a vehicle to take you there it is Yuan well spent. You don’t get any real inkling as to what is below until you suddenly arrive at the scenic viewing area. From this point, the whole Yin -Yang shape just suddenly appears before you. It’s quite magical.

Taijitu太极图: Yunnan Province
Taijitu太极图 near Yunlong 云龙

Near Taijitu

Near Taijitu is the spectacular Bai Village of Nuodeng. A remarkable collection of traditional mudbrick houses that appear to tumble down the side of a mountain. You can hike up through the village via a warren of narrow twsiting lanes devoid of traffic to get amazing views from the top. The only traffic you encounter are mules carying agricultural produce.

Nuodeng Bai Village
Nuodeng Bai Village

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Yunlong 云龙 and Taijitu 太极图

Location: Yunlong 云龙

China, Yunnan province, 150 kilometres Northwest of Dali.

Having arrived safely in Yunlong after a long and somewhat eventful journey from Xiaguan (Dali City), we set about visiting the sights and exploring the town, which to be honest doesn’t take very long, as there is precious little to see or do.

It’s not an unpleasant place, but definitely a little dull. There’s a nice area by the river for strolling and Continue reading “Yunlong 云龙 and Taijitu 太极图”

Getting to Yunlong 云龙 (From our Diary 12/8/2010)

Location:Yunlong 云龙

China, Yunnan province, 150 Kilometres Northwest of Dali.

Every journey we made by bus in Yunnan 云南 this summer was plagued by problems.
This is the account from our dairy which describes the ride we took on the 12th of August 2010, from Xiaguan (Dali City) to Yunlong.

“… We have no trouble getting a taxi this early in the morning, thank God, so we arrive at the bus station nice and early. There, we make the mistake of asking how long it will take and they tell us 5 hours, instead of the 3½ we were expecting…… more road works apparently….. We’ll just have to resign ourselves.

The first 40kms or so we proceed smoothly, straight down the Dali大理– Baoshan保山 express way (an engineering marvel, hewn out of the rock face of towering mountains),and we start wondering whether the people in the bus station have made a mistake, or whether we’ve simply misheard the times…. But no, as soon as we turn off the motorway the road basically vanishes. From now on we’ll be driving through thick red mud, along a rough track that is at times completely flooded by water running down the mountainsides. The whole area is just one great building site where we constantly have to dodge bulldozers, caterpillars and other heavy machinery, swerve around piles of construction materials, avoid the little shacks put up for the workers, and so on.


We have hardly started on this non-road when we come to an abrupt standstill because there has been a landslide and Continue reading “Getting to Yunlong 云龙 (From our Diary 12/8/2010)”